3D unconventional
sustainable SLOW DESIGN 
made with love and time: each bag deserves best materials, finishing and craftsmanship


Our creations are intended for the person who doesn't want to be influenced by homologation. They are dedicated to the protagonists who are not afraid of having fun and to claim the possibility of a choice that is different and far from commercial.
Each bag or accessory is handmade in Italy with Italian leather and is made to order. This means that we produce locally in order to reduce shipping of materials and products, and we craft each piece on demand eliminating overproduction. Your choice helps us to respect environment and workers.
The models are all aimed at satisfying the requirements of functionality with a careful eye towards  adaptability of use.


The designer's background includes a
degree and active career in architecture, while cultivating her passion for fashion design, which brings together her skillful perception of volumes, textures and flair. The creation of her fashion "objects" is a project, much like the design of a building. She uses similar channels in developing architecture and creating fashion: the scale and the materials are different, but the interiority, the emotion, the experiences, come to life in a coherent result thanks to the ability of controlling and experimenting with volumes and shapes.


The collection employs polished volumes and geometric proportions, and is characterized by the development of three-dimensional surfaces. A LUCILLA PACI exclusive technique allows the surfaces to emerge and come to life in three dimensional configurations that are highlighted by color combinations which are inspired by traditional optical illusions. A three dimensional effect part "trompe l'oeil" and part actual reliefs.